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Four products to choose from :

We offer four basic products that are each available in a variety of sizes. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you order the right product for your promotion. (NoteAds does not provide refunds for notes not sticking properly to dirty or coated surfaces. We are happy to send samples prior to your order to test the adhesive properties).


Please note: NoteAds will not refund for lack of product performance on surfaces other than what they are intended for. Also, NoteAds is not responsible for the method or accuracy of distrubution of the notes unless we have been contracted to perform these services.



Regular Adhesive Notes

View Price "Per Pad" Full Color

View Price "Per Pad" Spot Color

  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • 4-color, full-bleed graphics
  • Great for smooth surfaces, i.e.
    • Inside Newspapers, Flyers
    • Car Windows
    • Inside Direct Mail Pieces


    * Up to 10 copy changes = low minimums


Super Sticky Post-It® Notes:

View Price "Per Pad"

  • White & Light Colored Paper Available
  • Up to 5 Spot Colors of Printing
  • Great for tougher surfaces; i.e.
    • Treated Pizza Boxes
    • Front Door Surfaces


    * Best re-positional adhesive in the industry

Notes on a Liner

View Notes On A Liner Pricing

  • Full-Adhesive Notes For Automation
  • 4-color printing
  • Positioned on a liner to feed through application machines
    • High Volume Newspaper Application
    • Outside of Direct Mail

Other Products:

* Call For Pricing *

  • Menus, Flyers, Inserts, Mailers
    • Competitive 4-color
      printing on a variety of
    • Inexpensive Scoring,
      Folding and
      Perforation Services
    • Call for a quote.





Each of our products are available in a variety of sizes, and if you are in need of custom artwork or need help fine tuning artwork you already have, our awesome team of specialized graphic artists can assist with the design and retouching as well.


We would be happy to send you samples or a media kit prior to your order to test the adhesive properties. Feel free to contact us to discuss your marketing efforts in more detail prior to the shipment of samples so that we can send you the best sample according to your marketing plan.


Your business deserves a lasting impression - we're here to make sure your advertising sticks!
Please feel free to contact at or by giving us a call to discuss our new products and which one will best fit you marketing needs.