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Other Direct Marketing

Other forms of direct marketing ideas are as follows :



This takes some distribution effort on your end and you may get you some grief from the owners of the parking lot, but trust us, this has been by far our least expensive and most effective form of direct marketing for small neighborhood businesses.  It’s tightly zoned with qualified buyers so there’s little waste of your advertising dollars. And you can hit a lot of qualified buyers in a short amount of time by placing the notes on the driver side window.  As down and dirty as this form of direct marketing may seem to you, it’s less irritating than placing flyers under the windshield wiper and the results have been phenomenal.  NoteAds is not responsible for the application and distribution of the notes. 



Compare our prices for your flyers, coupon circulars, inserts and take-out menu's. These 4-color, cut and folded pieces may be customized to your needs and placed where convenient (restaurant tables, inside newspapers), imagination is the only limit.