Product Applications




Your NoteAds sticky note can be placed right on the front page of newspapers by hand or by automation; call us for availability and pricing.

Automated application

Our NoteAds-on-a-liner are designed to be applied via automation by labeling machines already setup at many of your local newspapers and direct mail houses. NoteAds placed by automation are generally 3” x 3” notes placed up on the masthead of the newspaper; they are not as intrusive as the larger hand applied notes, but they offer an affordable way to have full-circulation coverage including newsstand copies.

Hand Application

NoteAds placed by hand by the carriers are generally larger notes placed right over the news copy on the front page.  Not as many papers offer this application, but those who do often will zone your ad in a much tighter area, either by zip code or carrier group.  These are some of the most effective and affordable campaigns for small businesses.  Call us to help coordinate a negotiated rate with your local paper or if you have any questions.



Market List
Let us help you coordinate the placement of a front page, NoteAds campaign.  We can help you place an ad on multiple newspapers in your area or across larger papers in multiple markets.  Call for availability and pricing. As a general rule, you can expect 50% - 75% market coverage on the front page at a cost of approx. $.10 - $.15 per home depending on the market and total circulation.  Because newspapers have different machines and application methods, NoteAds can help coordinate a single-buy with lower print and distribution costs.