NoteAds Advertising,

Direct Marketing with Sticky Notes.



Welcome to - we are a leading supplier of sticky note products. We currently offer solutions to advertise your company. We supply you with printed products for you to place in newspapers, on top of pizza boxes, on car windows and more.

Feel free to call us for a price quote for our printed products at 1-800-309-7502


Make sure your ads stick out, by

placing it...

  • On the front page of newspapers
  • Inside or outside of your direct mail campaign
  • On front doors of your neighborhood
  • On the driver's windows in a local shopping mall or event

And sticks around by being 're-stuck' as a reminder

  • By the home or office phone
  • On a kitchen cupboard or refrigerator
  • In a notebook
  • On the car dash

Great for grand openings, new product introductions and special offers that need to draw large audiences. Give Kristin a call today!


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We also do promotional products. We can put your logo on almost anything. From pens, lanyards and keychains to frisbees, flashlights, and T-Shirts. We can work with your budget big or small. Give us a call or visit our parent company website PROforma Northwest.





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